gvSIG 1.11 Installation

The "Welthungerhilfe GIS Starter Package 2.0" comes with the gvSIG 1.11 version. The complete installation process of gvSIG 1.11 is very easy and will take about 10 minutes. For your convenience the installation process is described in detail in the assisting Installation Guide.

To download and install gvSIG 1.11 now, simply press the "Install-Button" below and follow the instructions!


Changing the Programme-Language

The predefined language after the installation process is Spanish. To change the language to English or to one of the other installed languages, follow the instructions of the installation guide (Step 17) or watch the short video.

Uninstallation of gvSIG 1.11

To uninstall gvSIG, simply follow the instructions of the Uninstallation Guide.