Factsheet: hydroMinds-Tool
The hydroMinds-Tool in brief

The Analysis Tool
hydroMinds is a computer-based analysis and decision-support system for siting economically viable hydropower opportunities of any scale. The system is a compilation of sub-tools to model the physical, hydrological and technical conditions of a study area to accurately assess the hydropower potential of entire stream networks. The holistic, systematic and automated approach derives physical parameters, watersheds and hydrologic structures from remote sensing and terrestrial support data. The availability of high quality remote sensing data and the option to substitute sub-tools with regionally verified models allows for the accurate assessment of even large remote areas with low ground data availability.

The main components of the hydroMinds tool are:

The DIGITAL TERRAIN ANALYSIS TOOL automatically develops the stream network of the assessed study area. All relevant morphometric parameters to model the topographic characteristics of the study area are derived from a digital elevation model serving the tool as input data.

The HYDROLOGICAL MODELING TOOL models runoff-processes of the study area to estimate available discharges for any point of the systematically derived stream network.

The PARAMETER IDENTIFICATION TOOL creates a comprehensive set of data points of the entire study area with all relevant spatial information and unique IDs for the geo-location of river points.

The VERIFICATION AND ACCURACY TOOL allows accuracy assessment and data amendments based on validation data, including elevation model correction and discharge prediction based on synthetically generated regional applicable flow duration curves.

The TECHNICAL HYDROPOWER CALCULATION TOOL estimates the technical hydropower potential for pre-set river sections based on physical, technical and ecological input parameters.

The ECONOMICALLY VIABLE HYDROPOWER CALCULATION TOOL identifies the economically viable hydropower potential of the analyzed stream network after assessing all possible combinations of virtual hydropower plants. Calculations are based on several economic parameters and evaluation models, ensuring a high quality reliable result. Individual physical and technical conditions of each possible virtual project result in individual benefits and costs to allow identification of the top economically viable projects.

The WEB BROWSER-BASED ONLINE TOOL allows the user to customize all relevant input parameters to test and analyze sensitivities at sites of interest, including but not limited to generating charts, tables and colored potential maps of analyzed study sites.

Outputs of the hydroMinds Tool

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