Government of Saint Lucia
In 2009, the Survey and Mapping Department of the Ministry of Physical Planning and the Environment, St. Lucia was advised in digitizing, organizing and storing a series of aerial photos of the island. This included the orthorectification of the digitized images as well as staff training in using geospatial software products for geo-data management and basic GIS-analysis to conclude the orthorectification process with historic datasets. For visualizing, managing, creating and analyzing geographic data, staff was trained in using ArcGIS as well as Erdas Imagine, a geospatial raster data processing software to prepare, display and enhance digital images for mapping use in Geographic Information Systems and Computer Aided Design (CAD) software.

Example photo set of Castries Harbour: Easy identifiable ground control points were seleced both on the aerial photo (left) and on the reference image (high-resolution IKONOS scene, image on the right) to run the geometric transofrmation model. Applying the photogrammetric correction model, each pixel of the aerial photo is repositioned to its correct geographical location. The corrected aerial photos can be loaded into Geographic Informations Systems for further geo-analysis, as objects on the image are both planimetrically and geometrically accurate.

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