Final comprehensive map showing
normalized technical hydropower potential
In close relationship with several local governments, the Caribbean Renewable Energy Development Programme (CRDEP) and the Caribbean Environmental Health Institute (CEHI), geoMinds developed a new approach analyzing the hydroelectric power opportunities of all Small Island Developing States (SIDS) of the Caribbean based on remote sensing data. Taking into account the regional climatic conditions of the Caribbean region, a suitable rainfall-runoff simulation model was designed to serve as hydrological model following a complex GIS-Terrain Analysis taking into account catchment characteristics of small watersheds on Caribbean Islands.

In early 2013, the Commonwealth of Dominica is the second country now that’s stream network is entirely analyzed with the hydroMinds tool and several promising, economically viable stream sections were identified. Several site visits proved significant hydropower potential at identified sites. The installation or rehabilitation of hydrometric equipment at suitable rivers was the next step in aquiring more reliable realtime runoff data to prove the available mean discharge that can be used for hydropower generation.
Hydropower Potential Analysis Report

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