Welthungerhilfe gvSIG-Starter Package 2.0
A survey carried out in 2009 amongst Welthungerhilfe's expatriate staff has concluded that the majority of the employees can see themselves using GIS in project work. In order to be able to provide support across different projects:
A common GIS software is a prerequisite for GIS support organised by head office as various GIS programmes are currently being used in Welthungerhilfe's project work. The costs of purchasing a licence for standard commercial brand-name products are very high. Depending on the level of equipment, the costs incurred can be up to €4,000 per work station. Furthermore, it has not been possible to encourage our partner organisations to use GIS for cost reasons.

gvSIG 1.10 – A user-friendly and free Geographic Information System (GIS)
gvSIG is a cost-free and license-free open source GIS software for managing spatial data and performing complex analyses. Designed for capturing, storing, handling and analyzing any kind of referenced geographic information gvSIG becomes a sophisticated tool to solve management, planning, monitoring and evaluation problems in successful project management and to produce decent maps for project documentation.

The Welthungerhilfe GIS Starter Package 2.0
To introduce GIS in general and the gvSIG software in detail we have produced in close collaboration with Welthungerhilfe an all-inclusive GIS Starter Package especially designed for Welthungerhilfe project staff and its partner organisations in more than 30 countries worldwide. The GIS Starter Package 2.0 provides all information essential to implement GIS applications in everyday project business. Those who are new to GIS will have access to all information necessary to successfully familiarise with the subject. Advanced users of GIS, as well as GIS beginners are introduced to the gvSIG software using video tutorials, practical Welthungerhilfe demo-projects, FAQ and other tools.

The package comes as a CD-ROM and includes in detail:

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